Generative AI Strategy and Implementation

Secure AI provides Azure, Generative AI strategy and implementation. We help you setup Gen AI platform on Azure or AWS, implement use cases, build security, guardrails and governance.

Gen AI Strategy

Work with a niche firm like us to craft a custom Gen AI strategy. Our consultants have years of experience in AI.

Risk Management

Manage your Gen AI platform risk with guardrails to prevent abuse and unwanted use


Fully manage your Gen AI platform

Custom Generative AI

We help integrate Generative AI into your workflows with prompt engineering and use cases development

Our Services

Gen AI Strategy

Comprehensive Gen AI strategy with proper risk management

Gen AI tools selection

We help you with tools selection like Langchain, Vector DB, Caching, etc.

Custom Generative AI

Azure Open AI and other generative AI integration and use cases development

Started by industry leaders

Secure AI was started to help organizations with AI and Gen AI strategy and implementation.

“The best part is that Secure AI has the right team to create Gen AI strategy”

Mark Warren

Why Choose Us

Deep industry knowledge

We have deep expertise in AI and Gen AI with security and guardrails in mind


Expect only best service from us


Small team which will provide one on one service unlike large vendors

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